The Life And Times Of A Traveller

And Here I Am Writing About It

Originally published September 14 2010

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The main crux of the talk centers around this fact:

Reading and writing are fairly recent innovations in the history of man, but face-to-face communication has been honed over millions of years. We, all of us, you and I, have learned to acquire and distribute knowledge, information, news, culture, through print. When the first printing press was invented, the spread of knowledge began. Now, with the advent of online video, the acquiring and distributing of knowledge, information, news, culture, is once again a face-to-face communication to millions of people, thousands of miles away, almost instantaneously!

And here I am writing about it, and you're reading about, instead of making a video and posting it online so we can have face-to-face communication! Maybe we should get with the times, eh?

Randall Hawes

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