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Originally published March 10 2011

What I Foresee

I'm a big picture guy. When I have to get right into the minute details of something .. anything .. my eyes glaze over and I escape to my happy place. Stresses me out to the nines. What I do is study everything that is going on within the sphere of whatever I'm studying and/or thinking about at the time, then boil it down to an observation -> (what I foresee). When I make one of these observations, I don't go into detail. Details just muddy the water.

Some people would call this a "hunch". Fair enough. I'm all for ambiguity in the English language. Makes life interesting. Having explained my methodology, let's get down to the latest thing I foresee. I came to this conclusion yesterday. I slept on it, it's still on my mind and I'm sticking with it.

I foresee a civil war in the United States in the not-too-distant future. Yes, another one. An actual knock-em-down, duke-it-out, shoot-em-up civil war. I believe it is inevitable. The populace is armed to the teeth, there are major ideological arguments building, there is growing financial disparity, structural unemployment, the current climate change element of global warming will cause food/water crises and population displacement, and there is growing religious radicalization.

So, there it is. Like I said, I leave the details to others. This is just the big picture of what I foresee. I am truly hoping that it will never come to pass. I have been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again. But if I'm right ...................

Randall Hawes

[Ed Note: September 7 2013, I still think this is inevitable]

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