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Originally published March 17 2010

Sunshine Of Your Life

The sun has come out. In this part of the world, that is news! Around here [Vancouver Island], you can endure (and we do) unrelenting weeks upon weeks upon weeks of cloud/shower/fog/rain. So when the sun does come out of hiding, spirits are lifted. Everyone all of a sudden becomes happier and more agreeable, even though nothing else has changed in their lives. It's no wonder that many ancient cultures worshiped the sun!

The appearance of this ball of fire even brightens the day of non-humans!

Faith The Cat in her bed that she never uses

Faith randomly decided she would sit on her blue bed, even though she had forsaken it a long time ago. We had turned it into her toy storage area. I think she's actually sitting on some of them.

She's a Persian, and you'd think with all that fur/hair, she wouldn't want to sit in the sun, but she loves it.

So, that was just my thought for the day. Does the sun brighten your life, no matter how it's going?

Randall Hawes

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