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February Over Already?

Originally published February 28 2010

February 2010 is over already. It seemed to shoot past without a thought. The Winter Olympics surely made the month go by faster, and it drew attention away from other things happening around the world.

Our January 4th post predicted that unexpected calamities would happen, and we couldn't have been more right. First we had Haiti, now Chile. And there have been other smaller events as well, no less important to the people they affect. Are these major calamities happening more often? They seem to be. It got me thinking, is the world balance being thown off? What I mean is, there has to be a balance between the forces holding the earth together in its' present structure. You have the molten magna inside the core, the weight of the land masses, the weight of the oceans, the weight of the polar ice caps and glaciers, and gravity.

The polar ice caps and the glaciers are melting. There's no denying it, it's a fact, not conjecture. So, if major portions of the ice is melting, turning into water and spilling into the oceans, then isn't that redistributing the various weight balances of the earth? The ice caps getting lighter and the oceans getting heavier? Wouldn;t that make the tetonic plates move around more often? Seems to me it would. Just sayin'.

To get back to the present, the biggest hockey game in many a year is about to begin. Canada vs USA at the Winter Olympics, winner takes gold, and bragging rights for four years (isn't the English language great? "for four"). May the best team win. GO CANADA!

'Till next time ~

Randall Hawes

Ed Note: We all know what happened in that hockey game. The Golden Goal, once again. Can Canada do it again?

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